Fireproofing Products

Monokote Cementitious Fireproofing

Monokote products are single component, spray-applied, mill-mixed, fire resistive plasters. They are approved for use on structural steel members and fluted decking to provide up to 4 hours of fire protection! 

Monokote fireproofing products bond tightly to steel and concrete substrates, forming a uniform, durable material which does not spall, dust, or flake. 

Fireproofing spray acts as a barrier against heat transfer from fire source to substrate, while at the same time the binder releases water or crystallization to provide a cooling action to the substrate. 

Current Monokote products available for different projects types:

  • Monokote MK-6/HY 
  • Monokote MK-10/HB 15 
  • Monokote MK-1000/HB 18 
  • Monokote Z-106/G 22 
  • Monokote Z-106/HY 

DC315 Thermal Barrier

DC315 is an intumescent coating to meet the 15 minute thermal barrier and ignition barrier protection over top of spray foam insulation.

It can also be applied to structural members as an aesthetically pleasing fireproofing product. 

The key feature of intumescents is that they expand significantly when exposed to high temperatures, such as those found in a fire. 

Some intumescent products can expand to more than 100-times their original thickness. As the product expands it becomes much less dense, which makes it act as an insulator that keeps the high temperatures away from structural members or protected openings.


Fire stopping is the sealing of any openings to prevent fire (including smoke and heat) from passing through multiple building compartments.

The spread of a fire is contained by creating fire resisting compartments, which subdivide the building (vertically or horizontally). 

Buildings must ensure that any openings and gaps are fire stopped to restrict both lateral and vertical fire spread. A fire stop is a fire protection system made of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance wall or floor assemblies.

When a fire occurs, these materials slow the spread of destructive substances, including:

  • Fire
  • Heat
  • Smoke
  • Toxic or combustible gases

Roxul Safe 55

Roxul Safe 55 is a medium-density stone wool batt insulation firewall application where a fire resistance rating is required.

It is designed for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings as a fire stopping insulation. It is approved for use in a 2-hour fire rated system. 

It provides high-temperature fire protection, enhancing occupant safety, particularly when a fire separation wall is required. 

Safe 55 can withstand intense heat up to 2150°F (1177°C) without melting, producing smoke, or propagating flames making a great fire resistant insulation product.



Rhino Epoxy 405

Rhino Epoxy 405 is a highly versatile solid and its wide variety of uses on concrete substrate include structural restoration, patching, and adhesive repairs. The long working life of Rhino 405 (60 minutes) is ideal for repairing large concrete floors, and restoration of deteriorated concrete structures. Rhino 405 applications are tack free within 8 – 10 hrs.

Applications Include:

  • Chemical and moisture resistance makes Rhino 405 ideal for wastewater applications
  • Patching “bug holes” and cracks on large floor areas or other concrete structures
  • Gap filler, may be used like “Bondo”

MDI Prime

MDI Prime is a convenient-to-apply, single component primer system. Designed as a standalone primer for porous substrates (ex. concrete). 

  • It is a VOC free, moisture-cure, MDI formulation.
  • MDI Prime can be applied by roller or airless spray gun. 
  • It has excellent adhesion to steel, wood, concrete and many other surfaces. MDI Prime is applied at a rate of 1.5-5 mils thick. Dry time is 6 hours.
  • Typically it is applied as a primer before coatings are applied.

Z-3 Max

Z-3 MAX is a two component, 100% polyurea waterproof coating that provides flexible but extremely tough monolithic membrane with excellent water and chemical resistance. Its spray on application creates a monolithic, seamless lining that conforms to any shape. With Z-3 Max's excellent water and chemical resistance it is designed to weatherproof whatever it is adhered to.

Applications Include:

  • Outdoor sites where humidity or low temperature exist
  • Floor and wall protection in food industries, laboratories, and veterinary
  • Waterproof seal in concrete water tanks
  • Demanding fast setting/curing conditions