Are you thinking about upgrading your insulation in British Columbia?

In that case, Advance Insulation wants you should know about available incentives to help cover the costs. In British Columbia, the government provides different rebates and incentives for home energy efficiency improvements, such as insulation upgrades. These rebates can help homeowners save money while improving their homes’ comfort and energy efficiency.

Programs and subsidies are available in British Columbia to help with energy-efficient house modifications, such as insulation installation. Keeping up with the latest information on these rebates is critical for maximizing your savings and making informed decisions regarding home upgrades.

This page will be updated regularly with the most recent information on incentives for insulation upgrades in British Columbia. Check back periodically to remain up to date on new programs and changes to existing ones. In addition, more specific information regarding active rebate programs in both provinces, including eligibility requirements and application procedures, is provided below. Taking advantage of these rebates can help you save money right away and lower your energy bills in the long run, all while helping to create a greener, more sustainable world.

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CleanBC Better Homes Program

BC Residents Only

Advance Insulation Canada is part of the CleanBC Better Homes program as a qualified contractor, where you can receive up to $5,500 in eligible insulation upgrades in your home!

Eligible low-income qualified participants can also qualify for 60%-95% of their upgrades to be covered under this program.

For more information and about how to apply please visit the CleanBC website at the following links:

To see if your upgrade qualifies:

To apply for the income-qualified rebate:

To see all other home upgrades available with this program:

BC Hydro Power Smart HPCN Member

BCHydro Power smart

BC Residents Only

Rebates amounts available:

Attic insulation upgrades pay $0.02 per R-value added per SF of your attic to a maximum of $900-  Minimum requirement is R12

Basement/crawlspace upgrades pay $0.09 per R-value added per SF to a maximum of $1200 Minimum requirement is R10

Exterior wall cavity upgrades pay $0.09 per R-value added per SF to a maximum of $1200 Minimum requirement is R12

Exterior wall sheathing pays $0.09 per R-value added per SF to a maximum of $1200 Minimum requirement is R3.8

Other (exposed floor, floor over crawlspace) pays $0.07 per R-value added per SF to a maximum of $1000 Minimum requirement is R20  


To find out if you qualify for BC Hydro rebates please go to:

To apply for the rebate please go to:

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