Insulation Extraction and Reblow

  • We offer competitive prices in the extraction of old, contaminated, water or smoke damaged attic insulation. We have high-end extractors that can suck out your old insulation in a timely manner, as well as powerful blow-in machines that enable us to usually complete the re-blow on the same day!
  • We dispose of all the damaged materials and leave your house spotless. We also repair attic access hatches, vapor barrier breaches and any other issues we may find in your attic as well. 
  • We can provide your insurance company with a quote, detailed report, and photos if needed.
  • We are experts in blow in insulation extraction and replacements and have removed and replaced over 400+ attic extractions in Alberta alone.
  • We also blow-in new homes and commercial buildings as well. No job is too big or small!
  • We are proud to use both JM Climate Pro attic insulation or Pro Pink fiberglass. We also offer Weathershield Cellulose as an alternative product.