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Benefits of our Acoustical and Thermal Spray

K13 Spray

Noise Reduction

Improved Sound Quality

Thermal Control

Fire Resistance

Energy Efficiency

Environmental Friendly

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Intumescent Paint: Applications and Benefits

Intumescent Coating
Intumescent Paint For Steel

Advance Insulation Canada would love to introduce you acoustical and thermal spray insulation. This cutting edge insulation technology is great for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings. Our spray products, including K-13 and Sonaspray, cater to insulation and noise control concerns, boosting your building’s performance and design objectives.

Our eco-friendly products have been approved by ASTM and ISO, making them the industry standard for thermal insulation, noise reduction, and fire protection in today’s building industry. Our acoustical and thermal spray solutions are essential to resolving design issues in new construction and renovation projects.

We use high caliber products like, K-13 and Sonaspray, as they are the gold standard in soundproofing and temperature regulation. They improve the acoustics of any space thanks to their excellent Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).

Our thermal insulation treatments have an R-value of 3.75 per inch, higher than the standard. This helps save energy, lower HVAC expenses, and reduce condensation control difficulties, especially in metal buildings. Indoor air quality is guaranteed because of the high ratings of our fireproof products and our adherence to green building standards like LEED and the Living Building Challenge.

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Key Features of SONASPRAY K-13 Acoustical Spray

  • M1 certification for Building Materials emissions.
  • Class 0 to BS476 & B-s1,d0 fire rating.
  • Excellent noise reduction by absorbing sound energy.
  • Can contribute up to 17 LEED points.
  • Product-Specific, Environmental
  • Product Declarations (EPDs) available.
  • Adaptable to virtually any substrate.
  • Resilient bond for strength and durability.
  • Condensation control through moisture regulation.
If you want to experience a difference in acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal, choosing SONASPRAY as your soundproofing solution is the way to go. Call us now to learn more about how SONASPRAY can improve your environment or get a FREE quote!

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K13 Acoustic Spray
Sonaspay Acoustic Spray
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We invite you to call us or get a FREE quote by filling out our form. Our mission is to provide you with the high-quality service you expect for your home or company.

Acoustical and Thermal Spray FAQ

Learn more about our cutting-edge insulation options by reading the Frequently Asked Questions for Acoustical and Thermal Spray. Find answers to frequently asked questions and make educated selections for your home, business, or industrial project, from application methods to environmental benefits.

How does acoustical spray differ from thermal spray in terms of application?

The principal uses and benefits of acoustic spray and thermal spray are distinct from one another. The purpose of acoustical spray is to improve sound quality and lower the ambient noise level inside a building. The reflected sound is dampened because the extra noise is absorbed. Because of this, it is an excellent option for places like workplaces, eateries, and entertainment venues where ambiance is essential. However, thermal spray controls temperature and decreases heat loss or gain within a structure. It aids in keeping the inside at a suitable temperature. It saves on energy costs by acting as a thermal barrier. This is why thermal spray is so valuable for places like homes, businesses, and factories where temperature regulation is crucial. Acoustic spray dampens ambient noise and enhances audio clarity, while thermal spray regulates temperature. Please choose one of these spray treatments or mix them for complete insulation solutions according to the demands of your project. If you know how acoustical and thermal spray coatings work, you can use them to solve problems specific to your environment.

Are there specific color options available for acoustical and thermal spray coatings?

Color options for acoustic and thermal spray coatings allow them to meet the aesthetic needs of various projects. These coatings are available in a wide range of colors, so they can be mixed and matched to create a unique and elegant design that works well with any decor. Acoustical and thermal spray coatings allow you to check your design concept, whether you like neutral tones like black, white, and brown or desire more expressive hues like purple, yellow, or red. With such a wide variety of colors, insulation may be used in homes, businesses, and even industrial buildings without sacrificing style. Acoustical and thermal spray coatings are flexible for individuals who place equal value on form and function due to the wide range of color options available. With various colors, acoustical and thermal spray coatings can meet the needs of a wide variety of aesthetic goals and architectural specifications.

Can these spray coatings be applied to irregular or curved surfaces?

Acoustical and thermal spray coatings are highly adaptable, as they can be applied to surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat or even curved. Unlike conventional insulation technologies, which often have difficulty accommodating irregular shapes, these spray coatings can be easily shaped to fit any surface. Acoustical and thermal spray coatings are easily adapted to uneven architectural features, curving walls, and specially shaped structures like domes and vaults. Because of their adaptability, these coatings are an excellent option for unique or complex designs. As a result of its adaptability, it may be easily installed on non-flat surfaces, guaranteeing complete covering that positively affects noise abatement and thermal efficiency. Acoustical and thermal spray coatings provide an alternative to conventional insulation for buildings of all types and sizes, including homes, businesses, and factories with unusual designs.

What is the expected lifespan of acoustical and thermal spray applications?

A number of variables affect how long an acoustical or thermal spray application will last, such as the materials utilized, the method of application, and the surrounding environment. When used correctly and in the right environment, spray coatings can provide reliable service over a long period. Installing acoustical and thermal spray systems by trained specialists, following the best maintenance methods, and meeting all applicable regulations all help to ensure that these systems last as long as possible. Coatings’ functions and the potential for wear and tear in a specific setting are two factors that must be considered. It is possible to prolong the effectiveness of spray treatments for insulation, noise control, and other purposes by inspecting them regularly and doing necessary maintenance. The durability and effectiveness of acoustical and thermal spray coatings in various residential, commercial, and industrial environments can be improved via familiarity with and adherence to specified care instructions.

Are there any limitations to where these spray coatings can be applied?

There are many uses for acoustical and thermal spray coatings, but it’s essential to keep in mind their limitations. These coatings are versatile and can be applied to many different surfaces. However, there may be limitations due to the substrate. The effectiveness and longevity of the coatings could be impacted by environmental factors such as high temperatures, high humidity, and unsuitable surfaces. Realizing these constraints is critical for achieving the best outcomes. For example, coatings that can endure weather and other environmental conditions are a must for any outside use. The same holds for regions with high mechanical impact or abrasion; spray coatings may need extra protection there. Acoustical and thermal spray coatings can be applied successfully in various residential, commercial, and industrial applications, providing dependable insulation and noise control solutions, provided the potential limitations are understood and the necessary measures are taken.

Can these coatings be used in outdoor applications for noise reduction?

Yes, acoustic and thermal spray coatings offer a tempting alternative for reducing outside noise. Imagine yourself in your favorite outdoor place, a bustling city park, or a peaceful home refuge. Acoustic and thermal spray coatings provide a dependable way to improve these surroundings by dampening the impact of unwanted noise. These coatings serve as protective layers, reducing noise while improving the overall quality of outdoor environments. The physics behind them stems from their ability to absorb sound waves and provide insulation against temperature changes. Consider a calm park experience or a peaceful backyard gathering free of disruptive noises. The application technique for these coatings is simple, making them suitable for various outdoor locations. They function as silent guardians when used correctly, resulting in a more enjoyable and comfortable environment. So, whether you want to create a peaceful backyard retreat or improve a public outdoor space, acoustic and thermal spray coatings are a compelling and practical option.
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